Veith has done his homework well; his exceptionally well-documented book exposes the moral vacuum into which today's young people are being sucked.Not at all written in an "academic" or "scholarly" style, instead clear and accessible. Fascism is regarded too simplistically in our popular media and in secondary education.Veith also reminds us that the Nazis were supreme environmentalists, criticizing the mercantile and urban Jews for creating "alienation" between man and nature. But there is also a much more subtle and less overt form of it in the academic community where political correctness is enforced and books are not burned, but "deconstructed." At the very least, the modern academic community which immerses itself in this nonsense will have no ground nor the tools to fight fascism if it ever comes here politically, with power to be enforced. Professor Veith is sure to be criticized by those who are convinced that Fascism consists solely of either grainy, black & white newsreels of goose-stepping German officers or all people who want to "impose their morality" on others, but I believe he is prescient and absolutely correct in his general thesis that modern Fascism is ultimately paganism in modern dress.

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Does this prove that all followers of Heidegger and others are fascists?

Incidentally, what does Veith mean when he writes "The American system..still intact" (page 156).

The very modern return to paganism and Gnostic/New Age type religions (in a friendly face) and the celebration of the violent, arrogant, and unrestrained raw sexuality in film, television, literature, and music is indeed very close to the old fascism in truth no matter how many "anti-Fascist messages" are attempted.

The popular culture and modern media which was used by the Nazis (Leni Reifenstahl's use of cinema, the mass rally, etc.) to pound home their message also sounds current.

True Christians such as Dietrich Bonhoeffer were executed.

Finally, one of the most interesting and frightening sections is the end where Veith links much of modern 1990's culture in America with the very same fascism it falsely purports to hate.Just like Nazi morality, this morality has ties with paganism and the occult and is in direct opposition to Judaism and Christianity. Veith shows how this change started with fascism in the academic community. The parallels between the philosophies that led directly to the Third Reich, and those currently in vogue among today's intellectual elite are stunning and undeniable.Postmodernism and its offspring, political correctness, represent nothing more nor less than fascism with (for the moment) a smiling face.Although it has become a matter of cliche, Frederich Nietzche really did popularize many of these ideas in works such as "The Will to Power", where Judaism and Christianity were systems of weakness and artificial supports for weaknesses in their hindrance of man's primordial will and drive to power and action."Modern Fascism" covers eugenics, abortion, political ideology, and religion in addition to the artistic and philosophical aspects of fascism, marking his obvious subject: the National Socialist state of Hitler's Germany.Veith offers disparate examples of how history has been revised and ignored to the absurd point that "fascism" is now considered somehow "conservative", and the opposite of the Left.