Changing stalls are small stalls where clothers can be changed in privacy. There are usually no separate areas for men and women.

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In exhibition halls and convention centers, Pipe and Drape "rooms" may be constructed as a Green rooms.

Green rooms are usually not separated by gender, because performers often change in separate, usually gender segregated, dressing rooms and congregate in the Green Room, once largely or completely in costume to help each other focus and calm nerves of other performers.

Beach-style changing rooms are often large open rooms with benches against the walls.

Some do not have a roof, providing just the barrier necessary to prevent people outside from seeing in.

In this case, the facility is primarily a washroom, and its use as a changing room is minimal, since only a small percentage of users change into bathing suits.

Larger changing rooms are usually found at public beaches, or other bathing areas, where most of the space is for changing, and minimal washroom space is included.

Newer locker rooms may be automated, with robotic machines to store clothes, with such features as a fingerprint scanner to enrol and for later retrieval.

Locker rooms in some waterparks use a microchip equipped wristband.

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