She is also the founder of the Mellemrum (loosely translated as gap) site-specific festival organised in 5 different neighbourhoods in Copenhagen.Looking for new challenges Kitt took her idea and brought several site-specific projects into existence in places such as Athens, Zagreb, Macau and Godandugoda in Sri Lanka, and they are preparing it in Moss, Norway for 2016. I met Kitt at SÍN Culture Centre after her first session with the participants of Mellemrum.This is one of the things about encountering people from different countries.

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I try to not commit myself to one specific style, which is, of course, difficult, and I also try to avoid reproducing a certain technique. I direct in a way that I don’t invent steps and ask people to do my steps, but develop themes and concepts. That means I try to pour material from the individual.

But it’s impossible to be authentic because there are always traces of information, still, when you reach for the impossible, you get closer. I always work with performers that are very strong on stage and are also strange characters, so that is also soloist.

L’incontro è tenuto dalla Valentina Brambilla, Psicologa e Psicoterapeuta, membro dello staff di Psicologi Del Benessere.

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You break your borders and stretch the limit of the possible. I try to get something out of their way of working and direct that. But real sort of collaborative things is not really in my nature, unfortunately.

Mellemrum # 1 – trailer – solo by Kitt Johnson – 2008 from Kitt Johnson X-act on Vimeo.

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