The Mac is becoming too expensive and I don’t like the direction that Apple is taking.I used to be an hybrid designer-developer, but some years ago I stopped designing.

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Dating is fun, or at least, it can be when it’s not an unmitigated nightmare parade of the worst of humanity.

You meet new people, you feel good about yourself, maybe you get laid.

They introduced the tabs some time ago, but until then I remember open two windows and drag and drop files.

A waste of time.¯\_(ツ)_/¯In the other hand, Linux is plenty of options: from basic file managers to the most sophisticated ones. Nothing to say about them, Sublime, Atom, VSCode, Webstorm, everything is on both platforms.

I knew I needed time to process through them in order to get this clarity. I needed silence and lack of distraction to fully explore the reflection the mirror my last relationship was holding for me so that I can enter my next one without carrying old patterns with me.

By allowing myself the time to sit with these thoughts and feelings, I am able to see myself more clearly.I knew that if I jumped from one relationship straight into another, I wouldn't have seen what I needed to in myself in order to attract the kind of person I'm looking for.When we get clearer about our deeper self, we attract different kinds of people.The shift reflects the inner clarity we've gained because we look for love with openness and awareness.And one of the most powerful ways to get clearer about this part of ourselves is to look at our reactions to our partner in our last relationship.I recently discovered rofi, I really like the simpleness on it.i Term is my favourite terminal on Mac. Lately the Finder became less powerful than Google Drive, you can’t even create a file from it. If your idea (like me) is to use Linux sometime in the future, use a PC. It feels like you are driving a Formula 1 in the city: You can’t get the power that Linux has, and you can’t get everything from the hardware that you have.