We will warn you that some equipment manufacturers can have ‘advanced product lines’ that also include unique credential protocols.In those cases this information may not/would not apply, and if so, you can also try referencing the installation manual specific to that product.

Numerous liveness attributes are also compared to the enrollment data to securely authenticate the user.

Zo Om proves a 3D human face is present, and prevents 2D photo or video spoofing.

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Please click the link below and follow the instructions on the pdf file Hikvision password resetting guide LTS Security Username: admin Password: 12345 or123456IP Address: platinum models please click the link below for pdf file.

LTS platinum series password reset Messoa Username: admin Password: 1234 or model number of camera IP address: Mobotix: Username: admin Password: meinsm SAMSUNG Techwin For old models Username: admin Password: 111111 or 1111111For new models Username: admin Password: 4321IP Address: admin Password: admin IP Address: Speco For old models: Username: root or admin Password: root or admin For new models: Username: admin Password: 1234IP Address: Ubiquiti Username: ubnt Password: ubnt IP Address: Videocomm Username: admin Password: 12345 Vivotek None . If you want to reset it1-Press and hold down the reset button for at least 1 minute2-Power on the camera until the red light flashes rapidly Now your camera is back to factory default without any password.

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Forgotten or lost login credential information needed to access surveillance systems and/or individual components is a fairly common occurrence for A1 customers.

Zo Om, for the first time, makes mobile biometric authentication fast, easy and incredibly secure.

Try the Free Zo Om Login app for i OS/Android devices, or add Zo Om to your own app with our Developer SDK.

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