However, Scott’s estranged husband Dobson told BOSSIP exclusively that he never laid a hand on his wife, cheated on her or made her engage in unwanted sexual contact. She was also once engaged to musician Lil John Roberts, and the pair has a son, Jett.

Dobson said he was “blindsided” by Scott’s divorce filing, although he admitted that they agreed to separate, work on their relationship and keep wearing their wedding rings. “She’s made other men look bad, but I’m not the one. What’s right is right, and what’s wrong is wrong.” The “Golden” singer lists the date of separation as Sept.

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So, Mike Dobson called me and said I'm going to surprise my wife during the reception and have Big Daddy Kane perform. So im gassed because I'm on the phone strategizing with arguably one of the best rappers period(top 5 of anyone's list)! No one knew but me and the husband knew he was about to perform.

Dude walks in and they didn't even recognize him until he starts rapping.

She was married to her longtime boyfriend Lyzell Williams from 2001 to 2007.

Dobson and Scott married in a “private” ceremony in Tennessee.

We’re told that Dobson feels that contract is not valid because certain sections of the document, according to him, were not filled out properly.

The pre-nup signed between Scott and Dobson didn’t stop him from tearing into the “Gettin' in the Way” singer in November 2017, when she filed for divorce.“She’s an evil woman, I’m telling you,” Dobson told in an interview where he also warned the three-time Grammy winner: “If you want to try to disgrace me, try to slander me, I can fight dirty.” The pair was married in June 2016 and separated by September 2017. Jill Scott sets the Apollo Theater on fire Scott cited “inappropriate marital conduct” in her filing, and also claimed that “further cohabitation would be unsafe and improper.” She claims Dobson is out of work, though he has reportedly insisted that isn't the case.Scott has one child, an 8-year-old son, with her ex-boyfriend, drummer Lil' John Roberts.Per court papers, the estranged couple are now living separately.Scott had a prenup put in place, so even though she obtained real estate and other assets while they were together, if the prenup is enforced by the court, he won’t be able to get his hands on any of that. It’s like what Jill Scott wants, Jill Scott gets,” he said.15 from her now ex-Mike Dobson, 49, citing “irreconcilable differences” and “inappropriate marital conduct that such further cohabitation would be unsafe and improper,” according to her divorce petition.