She said they only met occasionally to talk about her career — never for dates.But after reading Barth’s account on The Wrap of being drugged and sexually assaulted by the manager, she decided to come forward.

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The Wrap spoke to the two women who made the 2015 accusation, but the former assistant from 2014 did not respond to numerous requests for comment.

She received a $60,000 settlement and signed a nondisclosure agreement to leave the company soon after the retreat, according to multiple individuals familiar with the situation.

The friend went to Planned Parenthood for a pregnancy and STD test, she said.

Both women said nothing like this had ever happened before — no three-way sex, no sex with another woman, and absolutely no sexual interest in David Guillod.

Though the actress and Guillod had known each other for years — a relationship she describes as professional and he describes as dating — her friend said she had only met Guillod one other time.

All three then returned to his home, where both women said Guillod gave them glasses of red wine. Sexual things were happening.” At one point, she said she ran to the bathroom and threw up.

Guillod’s team maintains that the sex was consensual.

To show that Guillod dated the actress, they produced texts between them from after the 2015 incident, in which he propositioned her for sex, and she played along while making excuses, or brushing him off until some future, unspecified date.

The friend said she initially felt ashamed, and even moved out of state because of what happened. “I feel like he had this in his mind the whole night.” Also Read: Is Rehab Center Linked to Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein the Real Deal?

It took her a long time to realize it was rape, she said. The actress said she initially couldn’t believe Guillod would rape her because he had been supportive of her career and once even loaned her ,000.

The assistant went to a rape crisis center, the person close to her said.