Install Jammer keeps track of previous installations in a folder call the Install Jammer Registry. If you remove an install without running the product uninstaller, or if the uninstaller does not complete, the registry information for the previous install may be left on the PC.

Essentially those emulators that are sold through the TI e Store (Spectrum Digital, Blackhawk) will have their drivers on the disk to make things easier for initial installation. Yes you can install CCSv4 in a separate directory without impacting your CCSv3.3 installation.

CCS uses an installer product called "Install Jammer".

What is the "Date of first sales after completing this registration”? What if I entered the wrong "Date of first sales" when registering?

I got a confirmation number when I updated my information.

Right-click on the first Stellaris device and select Update Driver Software....

Select Browse my computer for driver software and point to the directory below.

A 'Typical Install' will install most of these and will use around 2 GB of space.

A 'Custom Install' can be used to choose only the components of interest to reduce the final install size.

There is a bug in the version of Install Jammer CCS v4.00 is using, and that can sometimes cause an error dialog to be displayed at the end of the installation.