Lol because you’re so full of yourself you can ant even fathom that simple fact and please don’t try to be smart here you know nothing of AASP sand how much it suck here in malaysia and that comparison with SG is valid since Apple give no fxck about their CS here in Malaysia lolllllllll Reply Apple Genius appreciate, defend, praise Apple and get rewards, fool minded paid almost a year salary jailed inside i OS, never upgrade hardware on yearly basis, accused Apple and rewarded with legal proceeding from Apple end up paying huge compensation, Apple is of paramount greatest ever existing Reply Just Nobody Why Malaysia cannot have an Apple Store since Singapore can have one, I remember our Prime Minister visited Tim Cook last time…can’t he ask him to set up a store here too. Reply Just Nobody Apple store in Singapore is quite far from my staying place, I don’t want go there, but the services provided by authorized reseller here, ughhh.choice, go for Thundermatch then. hell of a way to get rid off of your old battery stock (iphone 5 etc.) whilst can make profit some more.

Reply Keneshiro Went to machine store at the curve yesterday. Apple, never fail to impress :p i bet when their sales go down, they will release an i OS update and make the phone slow again, then same circle continues. Reply ifag have plenty of saving go into ios macos ecosystem but stingy to upgrade to latest iphone, ipad, imac, macbook?

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In short, unless Apple actually give a damn about their customer service here in Bolehland, the hype of Apple product would soon died off because no one would want their gadget to be in for a month just for a repair!

This is unheard of in other part of the world, even in Singapore!

UPDATE: Machines revises its discounted battery replacement price to RM129.

If you’re certain that your i Phone is slow because of a bad battery, Apple is offering a discount for a new battery replacement.

Was told that the battery replacement is not available for the discounted price. Geniune Apple fan never face such issue, plenty of spare saving to use, why those cheapskate user still use luxury iphone?

So idiotic apple fan, not to buy the newest iphone and still want to complaint, beware kena defamation suit from American giant.

My i Phone 5 & 5s both “dead”, can’t even on back and I believe it’s the problem of battery. My android phones I am using both survived and battery works super fine after three years.

When charging the phone for hours, it shown full bar, but after unplug the cable, just after a call, it suddenly dropped to 10%, then after few minutes, it shut off.

This matches Apple’s recommended pricing in their announcement. To refresh your memory, Apple had recently apologised for slowing down older i Phones if it ran on an aged battery.