The site’s parent company, NSI Holdings, is well known for brands such as and Mature naval officers, the site has over 2.2 million registered users and nearly 130,000 Facebook fans mingling freely online.

Founded in 2004, Uniform offers support and networking to people who commit their lives to doing good works in the community or the military. The site welcomes singles of all stripes: whether you don a uniform yourself or simply find men/women in uniforms attractive.

Among women, the most common profession is doctor at 33%; while among men the most common profession is army man at 28%.

Police officers rank in the top three professions for both genders.

“The Icebreakers help singles find necessary words that will catch the attention of the addressee,” Anastasia explained.

“So if a person is struggling on how to start a conversation, they can generate funny chat-up lines.” Once you’ve gotten a date, maybe even formed the basis of a relationship, you might still find yourself in need of guidance.

Their wedding, too, adopted a winter wonderland theme.

The intimate ceremony (attended by just seven people, including Kate and Austin) took place at the Hotel de Glace — known as Quebec’s ice hotel.

Snowflakes shone like stars in Kate’s dark hair as Austin got down on one knee.

He’d chosen to propose in the snow because their first date had been a walk through the snow.

“We decided to create a platform where people understand each other better because they have common lifestyles, problems, and visions,” said Anastasia Iarkova, Head of Marketing at NSI.

Sharing values of service and selflessness, many of the people on this platform dedicate their lives to helping others and seek someone who understands that drive.

It was a frigid 18 degrees outside, but Austin’s palms were clammy.