During Kasey's Rookie of the Year speech, Kasey nervously explained how much Tony had helped him become a better driver and how much his friendship meant to him. Kahne has been heard calling him Smoky and even seems a little star struck still.

Tony's speech even mentioned Kasey and called him friend. Anyone wishing to appreciate the fascination should watch the linked video.

The Gordon gay rumors were started when he was a young hotshot just starting out, and Dale Earnhardt Sr.

made a comment about Gordon being gay because he didn't have loads of girls hanging out with him in the garage.

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How does anyone believe that Jamie Mc Murray is straight??

Tony roughhouses with the other drivers and crew members, but not Kasey. I saw him rub Kasey's back at a dirt track race a couple of years ago while they were talking. Clint Bowyer is quite handsome, but he doesn't ping on my gaydar. Anyway, I know some people involved in racing and NASCAR, so here is some shit that I've heard. Old Coach Gibbs must be one of those "tolerant" xtians--what with all the gay drivers he has / had in his employ. Just ask his friend " Snooter", he was the guy who had his feet in Joonyur's lap in the infamous pic from the Enquirer. BK and TS supposedly had a hook-up in Vegas, having dinner and seeing a Cirque show together.

Interesting dynamic...do have chemistry...though I've wondered if either were aware of that. If Joey Logano doesn't set the gaydar off the chart, NO ONE will. Mikey Waltrip's motorcoach driver, Benito, supposedly had his own gay website w/ naked pics. Gay men have limp wrists and couldn't possibly operate a race car.and i mean really how can he be gay with a wife????? now if you think gorden is gay that is a different story.....i have seen a pic of that its on faceboook I've always heard there's at least 1 big time gay driver. Is completely bitchy to women, and practically wags his tail when he's around the better looking young racers. Tries too hard, as in this fan's account of him "wooing a lady":[quote]It was then, just before fans started to file in, that I got to witness Tony Stewart flirting, hard core flirting, with a woman. I have already commented about Daytona AND my victorious Nationwide win in the other Nascar thread. Dale Jr and Keselowski had a fling, which is why Brad got an early career start with Jr's team.It's always followed by "and no it's not Waltrip", lol. Upon reflection, now that I’ve had a week to think about this occurrence, I’m thinking it was all for show. Rumors about Denny Hamlin and the "buds" he lives with are whispered a lot.Not to say that Gordon isn't gay/bi, just that there has really been no evidence to support that notion. partly stem from him never having any women with him at the track. Of course the gay rumors began in Daytona Beach long before Dale Earnhardt Sr. It was because Jeff always stayed at a gay B&B when he was in Daytona for a race.[quote]The reply was something along the lines of Dale Jr is into the younger bimbos That's funny, considering that one tabloid claimed Jr.'s gf is a married woman - in an article that conveniently came out the week after NE's (latest) accusation about Jr. I don't know of any straight guys that sit around like that.[quote]Which gay B&B? It's between University and Seabreeze and between A1A and Halifax. was hot, AND something makes me think he's a progressive. If you know so fucking much, you would know that I am dating a young lady, fucker. If you don't know what the fuck you are talking about, then shut your damn piehole. I know I'll get flamed for this but here goes anyway.Spanish colonial style on a very big lot with a fence around the perimeter. If I remember correctly, he was Bush bashing during the election. seems like a pretty cool first of all dale earnhardt is not gayy he has a wife???? I'd be surprised at Earnhardt, never gave off any vibes, but who knows. Getting a little old in the tooth to be an unmarried straight guy. I make my living in motorsports and I know many of the NASCAR drivers well.Jr is high maintenance, moody and painfully closeted.