Although we attempt to delete image data as soon as possible after the message is received and opened by the recipient (and after a certain period of time if they don't open the message), we cannot guarantee that the message contents will be deleted in every case.So when you share that “ugly selfie”, where does it end up?Call me a killjoy, but don’t share a selfie, ugly or not, or any other file, for that matter, unless you are willing to risk it being in circulation forever.

I mean, the video opens with a shot of The Bible and features women shooting assault rifles; the Kid is not exactly subtle in portraying the type of faux-patriotism that seems to win hordes of ardent supporters in 2017 America. The audacious behavior earns the Son of Will a place on the list, but here's hoping Jaden doesn't wind up like New Kids on the Block, trying to show off in music videos when he's well past his prime. Jaden Smith will have years of working out and living a life of immense wealth before he's able to make this video.

Director: Ryan Kravontka Release date: June 23 Why it's great: Wow. Don't worry, fans: The New Kids still have those abs!

In the early days, they were a symbol of the MTV generation's rejection of what parents and Dire Straits might have called "good, pure music." Then, the very cable networks that made them popular switched over to reality television, turning music videos, But when You Tube exploded, music videos made a surprising comeback!

Today, videos for major hits can rack up more than a billion views, and pop stars' official VEVO accounts have some of the largest subscription numbers on You Tube.

For a more relaxed 1080p experience, though, don’t expect to need a nuclear reactor: this did come out on PS4, remember.

Twitter user Nibel managed to grab a screenshot of a now-pulled You Tube trailer description that claimed the game would require a crazy 170GB of HDD space and a 1080Ti GPU, but director Hajime Tabata confirmed to Kotaku that this was a "miscommunication", and that we can expect minimum specs to be similar to those seen in a console.

But just how meaningful is Snapchat’s promise if you completely ignore the screenshot problem, or the taking-​a-​picture-​of-​the-​screen-​with-​another-​camera problem?

US-based computer forensics geek Richard Hickman thought he’d find out.

And it’s stored on the recipients’ phones, from where it apparently won’t be deleted at all, though it will be marked “not for display,” which seems to be synonymous in Snapchat’s argot with “disappears forever”. The obvious first step is to share snapshots only if you don’t mind them hanging around forever.