Celts hung mistletoe in their homes in order to bring themselves good luck and ward off evil spirits.During holidays in the Victorian era, the English would hang sprigs of mistletoe from ceilings and in doorways.

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In 1870, New York stores began to sell them at Christmas.

By 1900, they were a universal symbol of the holiday.

Children race to gather as much of of the loot as they can.

An Englishman named John Calcott Horsley helped to popularize the tradition of sending Christmas greeting cards when he began producing small cards featuring festive scenes and a pre-written holiday greeting in the late 1830s.

Her feast day is celebrated near the shortest day of the year, when the sun’s light again begins to strengthen.

Lucia lived in Syracuse during the fourth century when persecution of Christians was common.

Unfortunately, most of her story has been lost over the years.

According to one common legend, Lucia lost her eyes while being tortured by a Diocletian for her Christian beliefs. The ancient Norse used the Yule log in their celebration of the return of the sun at winter solstice.

The night would end when everyone threw their torches onto a large pile of straw, creating a huge bonfire.