But am I encouraging lazy men after me to just pee on the seat, making the whole bathroom less hygienic?

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His family has apologized to me and bad-mouthed his new girl to me.

My ex even paid off my car for me as a ‘sorry for leaving you at the altar! His girlfriend wrote me a letter (she seems very nice, actually). I really don’t want to see my ex with his new lady love, but I feel bad that everyone is coming down on them when it could have been so much worse down the line. A: So many proto-romantic comedy plotlines in the mailbag this week!

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Congratulations on at least getting a paid-off car out of this whole situation.

You won’t be able to convince people not to gossip or judge your ex, if only because what he did was incredibly cinematic and attention-getting, but you can certainly say, “It was a surprise, but I’m not as devastated over it as you might think—our relationship was rapidly losing steam, and it’s honestly for the best that he’s with someone else now.

She already knows something about it, though—when we went to the zoo this summer and saw two bears playing closely with one another, she exclaimed (with about 20 other people around), “Are they having sex?!

” (It was like the needle on a record screeched to a halt at a party, and everyone turned their heads to see what little kid just yelled I’m just hoping there is a book that is appropriate for kids her age and covers topics like puberty and sex in a healthy and informative way.

A: You are not responsible for the laziness of other men, or the women who hover, or anyone who leaves toilet paper on the floor or fails to flush, or any other combination of bad bathroom behavior.