From the interpretation that when Aerith hears the voice of the planet, she is accessing the Lifestream, we have the image of Aerith’s consciousness travelling through the water, which is reminiscent of the Lifestream.

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It remained active several years after the announcement of Zack’s death, but it later disbanded due to financial troubles.

The teacher who taught Tifa martial arts, and in “BC” and “FFVII” he is shown rescuing the mortally injured Tifa during the Nibelheim Incident.

An army formed by Genesis, Hollander, and Lazard, and comprised of Genesis and Angeal Copies. The people who were turned into Genesis Copies were those who Genesis took with him during the Mass SOLDIER Desertion.

Copies created with Genesis’ cells, utilising the Copy Technology.

Although he is not mentioned by name or seen in person during this game, he is referenced in one of the messages from Tifa.

Incidentally, he apparently has 128 students all over the world.

If you pull back a bit, you could say it symbolises ideals, goals, dreams.

The white feature, as well as being a symbol for Angeal, is also a symbol for ‘wings’.

They were affiliated with Shinra, and the original motive behind taking in Genesis was surveillance of the failed product of Project G.

However, as the years passed their affection for Genesis deepens, and they go as far as funding their adopted son’s fan club.

In Scene 09-02, there is a section where Zack is standing on water and looking up at a white feather floating down from a blue sky.