It also leads to the disastrous consequence of making women feel like they are obligated to stay in a dangerous situation that God hates.

The last thing a woman fleeing a dangerous home should feel is guilt.

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May every woman’s group be on the lookout for any signs that any of the church’s daughters are afraid to go to their homes.

When we think keeping a marriage together is the only biblical solution, even if it means preserving a violent situation, we have become beholders of legalism and strangers to God’s true passion.

On the other hand, if the teen is criticized frequently by the significant people in their life, the youth may have a poor self-image.

The most significant fact a teen needs to know is that they are valued and loved by the youth’s closest loved ones.

It should support women caught in domestic violence as much as it offers divorce recovery programs.

When we assume that God hates divorce more than He hates domestic violence it shows how little we understand His passion for His daughters.His hands should be thought of as a source of protection— those hands will become a fist only to protect the family he loves, never, not even once, to turn on them.May every church have signs in the women’s restrooms telling women where they can find help.To hurt them, even just to make them miserable, must raise a passion that we can’t even imagine.If we don’t strive to understand the depths of God’s love for our wives, we’ll miss the breadth of his wrath when we abuse them.The church should hate domestic violence as much as it hates divorce.