Police could only confirm that Johnson knew Felker.

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For now, safety is something sex workers have to take care of themselves.

“We just need to keep an eye on each other and be more aware when somebody hasn’t been seen in a while,” Kelley added.

“There’s nothing in the investigation that suggests we should make any remarks about that.” Police also declined to comment on Felker’s occupation.

Kelley and Felker had worked together in the sex trade.

Confidential treatment options will be offered for those accessing the team.

Sexual Assault Sexual assault is any unwanted contact of a sexual nature.Acute services are also provided at Cambridge Memorial Hospital.Your security, dignity and privacy during this difficult time is a priority for our skilled and dedicated team of physicians, social workers and nurses, who work only with clients of sexual assault and domestic violence.If you experience sexual assault or domestic violence in Waterloo Region, there are expert resources available to you at St.Mary’s General Hospital for emergency and follow-up care.This team works in partnership with many local resources geared to helping you receive the best care and support during your experience.