Design and Construction Designs for the new trade union house were sought in an open competition launched on 14 June 1961 – the first major open architectural competition in Singapore since the Japanese Occupation (1942–1945). The winning design was submitted by three local architects from the Malayan Architects Co-Partnership, namely William Lim, Chan Voon Fee, and Lim Chong Keat.All the designs and proposals were exhibited in Victoria Memorial Hall in March 1962. Munusamy laid the foundation stone of the new building.ABOUT THE BRANDThe Monocle Travel Guide Series reveals exceptional highlights for each city it covers, from the ideal route for an early-morning run to the best spots for independent retail.

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A three-acre parcel on Shenton Way, located in the heart of Singapore’s commercial zone, was selected as the site for the headquarters.

In 1961, the leftists in the PAP broke away in 1961 to form Barisan Sosialis.

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Similar competitions were held subsequently, including that for the design of the Civilian War Memorial. Munusamy was a school janitor who was randomly chosen from 42 rank-and-file workers and trade unionists to represent the common workforce in Singapore to which the building was dedicated.

women, who hailed from Guangdong Provinc, China, and worked as labourers in the construction industry, began work on the building shortly after. The building comprised two sections: the Trade Union House and the Conference Hall.The Singapore Travel Guide will equip you with the know-how to explore beyond the obvious.The Monocle team scoured the city-state for the top restaurants and attention-grabbing architectural flourishes and listed independent retailers selling goods that embody the best of "brand Singapore." Decidedly global in its outlook, Singapore embraces all things hi-tech and modern while having a foot firmly rooted in tradition.The comprehensive and ambitious EUSFTA will improve Singaporean and European companies’ access to each other’s markets, and provide a stable and fair regime for foreign investors while preserving the right of the parties to regulate in the public’s interest.Using Singapore as a launchpad, European businesses will also be able to tap into the opportunities in the wider region.The Singapore Trades Union Congress, which was the existing trade union organisation at that time, split into two factions: the pro-PAP NTUC and the pro-Barisan Singapore Association of Trade Unions (SATU).