The next day, she sent a text to the CEO of Viva Glam recounting the incident: “Offered me money… You have to play the game.” She also said it appeared Katz had been drinking.

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Santo said in the statement that she was assured by Gelmon that Katz would not proposition her again.

However, after 30 minutes of talk about helping her career, Santo said that Katz again proposed paying her for sex.

In one message, Gelmon sought to arrange another meeting with Katz.

She tried to deflect him by sending a photo of a Mexican model.

Santo said she again refused, saying “I am not a prostitute,” and left. Thanks so much for your kindness.” She continued to text with him sporadically for the next couple of months.

However, she continued to maintain the relationship. According to Santo, Gelmon wired her an additional ,000 and asked for another meeting at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills in March 2016. Santo also said that Gelmon called and threatened her when word got back to him that she had been talking about her encounters with Katz.A Brazilian actress-model is accusing an NHL owner and financier behind Silver Pictures of offering her “millions” of dollars and a movie role in exchange for sex.The model, Greice Santo, who had a recurring role in “Jane the Virgin,” alleges that she was twice lured to the hotel room of Daryl Katz, the Canadian billionaire who owns the Edmonton Oilers, with promises that he could help her acting career.In the suit, he accuses Bunting of damaging his relationship with a New York Post editor by accusing Cipriani of extortion, which Cipriani denies. “A media consultant can’t go around accusing people of crimes just to kill a story,” Cipriani’s attorney, Peter Gleason, told , adding that publications have become increasingly gunshy in the wake of the Hulk Hogan lawsuit, which bankrupted Gawker. The story begins in November 2015, when Santo was flown to Hawaii to participate in a photo shoot for Viva Glam magazine.While there, she was introduced to Canadian executive Michael Gelmon, who suggested she should meet his cousin, Daryl Katz.In addition to airing sordid details from the entertainment world, the lawsuit also spotlights the role of crisis consulting firms, which are often hired to clean up damaging stories for wealthy clients.