Sure, you might have made mistakes when you were younger, but that is all in the past.

dating for women in their 30s-52

Once you have hit your 30s, you are most likely more attuned with yourself.

You have most likely gotten in touch with who you are and what you want, and you have learned to be more grounded.

Everyone deserves a chance, and don’t let your past hurts hinder you from finding your happiness. When you are dating in your 30s, you are looking for stability in a relationship.

This is the time to let go of relationships that are clearly going nowhere.

Now that you are more in control with yourself, you have a clearer picture of what you want from a relationship and from life.

All those failed dates and relationships in your 20s have taught you what you don’t want, so it logically follows that you’re able to narrow down the options for what you do want. Who says that you have to settle down in your 20s, or that you have to nail Mr. Women, on the other hand, prefer guys closer to their own age.In September, a study of 12,000 Finns reaffirmed what prior research had already established. If dudes were really so set on their caveman-era mating habits, wouldn’t we see more single ladies over 30 home knitting tea cozies on Friday nights?Dating in your 30s doesn’t need to be such a trying task.It simply means that you are no longer willing to settle for the immature sagas of yesteryear, and you are now moving forward towards a happier and healthier future.Has the digital age made it easier for people to find true love?