I will use Ottawa-Address-List for this explanation.

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Offline address book exchange 2016 not updating video

To find out type, Get-Mailbox -Arbitration | where in EMS. So we need to find out which mail server hosts this mailbox.

As you can see in this cmdlet, Arbitration mailbox is the mailbox with special capabilities which allows this mailbox to create an offline address book. In my case, I have one Exchange server with both CAS and Mailbox role installed. If you have multiple server in DAG, then take a look at this post.

Here, I will show steps to configure offline address book in Exchange 2013.

In Exchange 2013, offline address book is generated by OABGen (Offline Address Book Generation) service that runs on Mailbox server.

(or in 2010 from CAS server distribution point or in 20 from Public Folders) I have opened OAB from my mailbox and result is in the Picture Creation of a mailbox doesn´t updtate OAB itsetf. When prompted, enter sensitive information such as credentials or password only if you trust the remote computer and the application or script requesting it.

To create mailbox use command WARNING: A script or application on the FRONTEND1. Now I have tested if OAB change is reflected in client computer (should not be) And now I have downloaded new OAB to client and tested again One registry key setting and Outlook client will work online from Addres book point of view, BUT!

So make sure the internal and external URL for OAB and Autodiscover virtual directory is configured properly.

By default, an offline address book is created by Exchange server and includes all the GAL (Global Address Lists).

By default OAB is a point in time snapshot of global address list and it is used as cached source of information about Exchange recipients properties.

OAB is stored on Exchange servers (see my previous article https://ficility.net/2013/03/04/oab-differences-between-exchange-2010-and-exchange-2013-in-brief/) and downloaded to client once Outlook is configured in Cached mode.

You can create address lists in Exchange 2013 using EAC (Exchange Administration Center), but to create and manage offline address book you must use EMS (Exchange Management Shell).