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If you see these abbreviations on your child's phone, be aware that your child's safety could be at risk and make sure to discuss online safety rules: ASL(R/P) stands for "Age, Sex, Location" ("Race/Picture"), requesting identifying personal data ADR is short for "address" AEAP and ALAP stand for "As Early As Possible" and "As Late As Possible" F2F stands for "Face to Face", offering to video chat or meet in person LMIRL stands for "Let's Meet In Real Life" NAZ stands for "Name, Address, Zip" MOOS and MOSS stand for "Member Of the Opposite Sex" and "Member Of the Same Sex", referring to a person's sexual orientation Sor G is another common way to ask someone's sexual orientation, "Straight or Gay" Mor F and RUMor F both stand for "Male Or Female" and "Are You Male Or Female" RU/18 is asking, "Are you 18? " referring to one's sexual promiscuity Banana means, "penis" BF and GF mean "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" Broken means the sender is hung over from being drunk BRT stands for, "Be Right There" CU46 translates to, "See you for sex" DOC stands for "Drug Of Choice" FAH stands for "F***ing A Hottie" GNOC stands for "Get Naked On Cam" referring to a live webcam GYPO stands for "Get Your Pants Off" I&I stands for "Intercourse & Inebriation" IWSN stands for "I Want Sex Now" J/O means, "Jerking Off", which refers to masturbation KFY and K4Y both mean "Kiss For You" Kitty refers to the vagina KOTL stands for "Kiss On The Lips" LH6 translates to, "Let's have sex" MPFB stands for, "My Personal F*** Buddy" NALOPKT stands for, "Not A Lot Of People Know That" NIFOC stands for "Nude In Front Of the Computer" OLL is, "Online Love" PRON is an intentional misspelling of the word "porn" in reference to pornography Q2C means, "Quick to c*m", insulting a person's sexual prowess by accusing them of having premature ejaculation RUH means "Are you horny?

" SMEM and SMIM stand for, respectively, "Send Me an Email" and "Send Me an Instant Message" SO stands for "Significant Other" S2R means "Send to Receive" (This normally refers to sending pictures) SWDYT stands for, "So What Do You Think? " SUGARPIC refers to a suggestive or erotic photograph TDTM stands for "Talk Dirty To Me" THOT stands for "That hoe over there," the term "hoe" being slang for "whore" TWD stands for "Texting While Driving" WTF stands for, "What The F***? According to Bark.us, parents should "be cautious if your child is using this abbreviated form of adult language while texting, then chances are they are using this language in real life (IRL) conversations as well.

In many instances they're doing the things they're talking about too, whether it's going to parties, taking drugs or having sex."Knowing the language that your child might be using to keep you in the dark can help you protect them from making choices that could hurt them.

Also, advises, "be aware of which devices your kids have access to that connect to the Internet.First Time 3 boasts a cornucopia of cute uncut boys just entering manhood with four action scenes and a couple of solo scenes.The nine nearly anonymous models chosen for this plotless film are quite the handsome bunch, starting with rosy-cheeked cover boy Oleg.T 1947 610 F-ADAK Nieuport Delage 30T2 47 01 619 F-ADAT Breguet 14 Messageries Aeriennes /Le Bourget620 F-ADAU Breguet 14.A2 5070 M Ernoul /Toulouse716 F-ADEQ Dorand AR.1 141 Cie Aerienne Francaise /Le Bourget & Suresnes717 F-ADER Vickers FB.28 Vimy Commercial 42 Cie des Grands Expresses Aeriennes /Le Bourget718 F-ADES Caudron C.60 5048.1 Rene Caudron /Issy719 F-ADET Caudron C.60 5049.2 Rene Caudron /Issy720 F-ADEU Caudron C.60 3 Rene Caudron /Issy721 F-ADEV Dorand AR.1 262 Cie Aerienne Francaise /Le Bourget 722 F-ADEX Dorand AR.1 1424 Cie Aerienne Francaise /Le Bourget 723 F-ADEY Dorand AR.1 1678 Cie Aerienne Francaise /Le Bourget 724 F-ADEZ Nieuport 28 6133 M Lallouette /Pontay (Haute S)725 F-ADFA 726 F-ADFB Bleriot-Spad 34 Bis 5 M Bequet /Buc727 F-ADFC Sopwith 1.Text Slang About You, The Parents: Kids usually use these text abbreviations when they want to alert their friends that parents are nearby or when they have something to hide: 9 and CD9 both stand for "Code 9", which means parents are nearby 99 means, "Parents are gone" KPC stands for "Keeping Parents Clueless" MOS stands for "Mom Over Shoulder" P911 is a "Parent Alert" or "Parent Emergency" PAL stands for "Parents Are Listening" PAW and PRW both stand for "Parents Are Watching" PIR stands for "Parents In Room" POS stands for "Parents Over Shoulder"Text Slang About Exchanging Personal Information: Kids use certain acronyms to request or offer private personal information to one another. "Text Slang About Romantic, Sexual, Illegal, and Illicit Activity: If you see any of the shorthand in this section on your child's phone, it might be time to impose some new restrictions, as these codes involve communications of romantic, sexual affection or illegal activity, such as drug use.(Note: Not all of these codes automatically imply illicit behavior, but when used together they can give you key insights into your child's activities and whereabouts.) 143, 459 and ILU all mean, "I love you" 1174 is an invitation to meet at a particular place, often for a wild party 2nite means, "tonight" 420 refers to marijuana.