Either way, it’s your ride so take it and go off into the dating world when you’re ready.Divorce2Dating is a networking tool to assist recently separated or divorced individuals find new relationships.

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However, if you know you’re ready to date, the best advice I can give is, JUMP IN!

To ease into dating, go out with a group of people or another couple until you find your “dating feet”.

Perhaps try updating your wardrobe or finally pursue an interest that you’ve always wanted to know more about.

Or, on that note, get in touch with activities that you haven’t done for a while that you once enjoyed. Create the life you would like to live given the tools that you have.

The loves we experience in our lives transform the notion of the world around us, and the notions we have about who we are as individuals.

As painful as it can be to separate from a relationship with someone for which we had strong feelings, but for which it was the right decision, the good news is that you are in a position of opportunity to recreate who you are in a sense.

It can drive us to new heights of achievement by amplifying our senses just enough to prod us in to controlled action, such as the nervousness that an athlete or performer experiences at the moments just before doing what they do best—it can keep them on their toes.

Or, it can be maladaptive in our lives by keeping us from going after or doing what we suspect would make us very happy in life.

By Shelly Blagg Now that it’s almost a New Year, it’s time for the new you to jump back into the dating pool!

We all know dating can be exciting and nerve racking at the same time, made much worse by over thinking things.

While the core of us doesn’t change much, throughout our lives we are all in constant states of change.