Gaslighting-‘gaslight’ is a term inspired by the movie ‘Gaslight’ (1944).

In the movie, the main character, Paula Alquist is brainwashed by her husband Gregory into thinking she did things she didn’t do.

This appearance is often called the false self, a form of self that is fabricated by the narcissist in order to cover the real trauma that the narcissist hasn’t dealt with.

Sam Vaknin, self-proclaimed narcissist and author of the book, ‘Malignant self-love‘, describes the narcissist as a traumatized person who suffers from abandonment issues, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

fit=291,132" / A narcissistic parent is hard to spot due to the mask he puts out in public.

Guilt-is used to keep you in the dysfunctional relationship.

If you feel guilty for not helping your mother to decorate her new home after she says ‘After all I’ve done for you, feeding you, making sure you have everything as a child, you can’t even do this little thing for me? You’re emotionally abused and getting out of this dynamic would do you good.

A narcissistic parent will convince a child that he is not abused by the parent.

The narcissist will often say that she wants the best for the child and sacrificed her life so that the child has what he needs.

A narcissistic parent lacks the ability to be introspective and analyze her own thoughts and actions.

Due to the false self, the parent is not able to reach himself and her true feelings.

According to, a narcissistic parent dictates what the child should think, feel and how he should act.