The students also made a very good impression; through dressing smartly, networking effectively as well as asking excellent questions in both offices.

With many jobs, it is fairly easy to understand the role but not so easy to understand the working environment and culture of a company, before starting, and as a result it can be quite daunting applying for these companies.

Therefore, by having an office visit, it gives the students better insight into these factors and gives them more confidence in applying for these types of firms.

In addition, chatting to UEA alumni was really good for the students, as they could relate more to them.

Once the Q and A was wrapped up, the students got the chance to chat with the UEA alumni and other staff with free pizza and drinks; before we went back to Norwich.

If you’ve ever needed to have a bit of ‘you-time’ and pamper but on a budget, Amber is the girl to go to.

The entrepreneur set up her own nail business at the uni, and has a popular Facebook page with over 100 likes and many five star reviews from happy customers.

I had a few years experience behind me already as I invested in my kit at the end of high school, and had quite a big and regular client base at home .

In Ipswich I was seeing usually two clients each week around my studies.

We asked the students if this office visit has impacted their future career decisions with many agreeing it had.

With one student stating: “The office visit changed my perspective of bankers and those working at KPMG.

We ventured up the building which had great views of the local area, including: other major company offices, restaurants, etc.