Birds chirp as they wind among the loblolly pines that blanket the 110-acre expanse before you. Paddle boats and canoes are lined up at the dock on the ranch’s small lake.It feels like a summer camp here; in fact, it once was.Like most ranches, the entrance is guarded by an unmarked gate.

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She flashes adorable little smiles at the camera as she makes out with Mazol and begins to undress him.

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Since setting up shop in a vintage camper trailer in April 2015, the owners of Itinerant Literate Books have parked their mobile store at block parties, breweries and coffee shops around the Charleston area - anywhere they can attract a curious passerby.

Kim Cattrall has lashed out at former "Sex and the City" co-star Sarah Jessica Parker, saying she's not her friend after Parker expressed sadness and condolences over the death of Cattrall's brother.

Her father saw her withdraw more and more with each passing day.

“I didn’t like myself, I hated myself,” Destiny recalls.

Its name, Freedom Place, cannot be found on any map, which is no accident.

The ranch exists for the tranquility, privacy and protection of its residents, underage Texas girls who are victims of sex trafficking.

The main building resembles a large log cabin, with rustic wood rocking chairs on the porch and a makeshift soccer field out back.

Inside are long corridors of typical teen-girl bedrooms—walls painted in soft colors, piles of clothes—in two separate wings, with a spacious kitchen and living room in between.

Destiny, who was 15 at the time, dreaded waking up her stepmom and telling her that she’d missed the bus again. On her way to that corner, she noticed a truck circling the block—once, twice, several times. After three or four of them raped her, she recalls, the man who’d abducted her forced Destiny to solicit johns on the street.“At the time, I didn’t know anything about trafficking, I didn’t know what it was.