If Media Player makes a mistake, you can fix the tags yourself even though the advanced editor has been eliminated.Windows 10 users on the Insider Program have reported that the latest update to the OS removes Windows Media Player.

While the media player is removed from the OS, it is not completely binned.

The report stated that users can reinstall the player via the Add a Feature setting.

For mac OS users, please note: A bug was fixed in VLC 2.2.7 concerning the update mechanism on mac OS.

In rare circumstances, an auto-update from older versions of VLC to VLC 2.2.8 might not be possible.

It also includes updated codecs libraries and improves overall security. Now it’s been stabilized, and we are finally shipping the long awaited version 3.0!

VLC 3.0 is the first ever synchronized release between desktop application and mobile ports.https://t.co/1Xo IEZh2Sz [rob Ux4] Hey @arstechnica Maybe check your facts before publishing.The code is 100% open source and we don't use Google's S… When I first installed the device it was add hock for testing purposes only.I found the Roku to be stable and very user friendly. This configuration requires the HDMI signal to travel through an HDMI switch and then through a 100' HDMI cable.When deciding how to sort, display, and categorize your music, Windows Media Player reads those tags — not the songs’ filenames.