Now I’ve never been one to dilly dally in dating sites and apps, but I’ve heard plenty about How About We and Tinder, which is apparently hookup-by-swipe central.

During a week when the mainstream press was consumed with issues of terrorism and national security, the online community wrapped itself up in sex and dating.

And fifth (at 9%) was a story about the British government where Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been facing strong political challenges.

On Twitter, the second-largest story was about the expansion of a New York-based mobile location-sharing service called Foursquare, which received 10% of the links.

British Study The experiment that led scientists at King’s College to determine that the concept of an erogenous G-spot may be a figment of women’s imagination "encouraged by magazines and sex therapists" consisted of interviews with 1,800 women that were all pairs of twins.

The researchers hypothesized that if the G-spot was genetic, there would be more agreement between the pairs of identical twins about whether they had one when compared to the non-identical twins.

This way, you get to lead with the qualities that you feel define who you are — and therefore feel most confident about — like your mastery of the violin, your military background or your ability to bake a tarte tatin (it’s a serious feat, people! So, from the get-go, you know there’s a mutual attraction.

And if someone doesn’t like you back, chances are you’ve “liked” so many photos in a day you won’t even remember the crazy fools who passed on you. Others that made the list include Revealr, Hinge, and Grouper, which sounds like a multi-person participatory hookup site. Dating site success stories seem to be on the rise all around me, so I’d be curious to hear from you.

Some bloggers took a clinical look at the study and disputed the science.

"The study did not actually involve any science, but merely asked respondents to self report whether they thought they had a g-spot." concluded Jason at Erosophia.

A related subject that drew online responses was an action taken by an exclusive online dating site,