The car was purchased wholesale from a local Toyota dealer, and servicing performed including the brakes.

The G 37 is a local car purchased wholesale from a local dealer.

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Curbsiders are usually not licensed, so beyond the reach of most of the oversight by regulators.

This visit earned a Fail because the curbsider misrepresented himself as the owner.

The curber’s location is an outdoor parking lot behind an apartment building shared by the tenants. The seller tells the shoppers he and his wife are both selling their SUVs, as they don’t need them since moving to Kitsilano.

They are sharing one license plate between both vehicles to keep costs down.If you miss receiving a shirt during the above distribution times please feel free to stop by the student services offices and we will be happy to provide you with a shirt.Thanks in advance for sharing in this exciting celebration with us. If your financial aid is still being processed the financial aid staff will contact you with a decision or an update as soon as possible.If a student needs an extension on an assignment as a result of circumstances related to Hurricane Harvey, please email the professor We understand the considerable challenges some students may face in returning by Tuesday, Sept. CBS is committed to making every accommodation that is realistically possible to allow these students to return and continue their studies at a slightly later date.Students who cannot return should contact their professor via email copy Dr.BMW, Mercedes, Infiniti, Acura and Honda are all well represented.