- buddies" eg film buddies, bowling buddies, dancing buddies, running buddies, coffee and cake buddies, cycling buddies etc etc.

I'd like to get a forum group going first but hopefully we can meet up fairly soon and get some new friendships going.

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With this in mind, FEMAIL reached out to top Australian dietitian, Susie Burrell, who shared her advice on what to eat in each decade of your life.'For many, the 20s and 30s are the time for good fun, partying, young families and a busy work and social life,' Susie said.

She explained that although many may be lucky to have glowing skin, a slim and fit body and lots of energy, it is also when unhealthy habits are cemented.'Body weight increases, fitness declines and general feelings of fatigue, low mood and energy emerge when the body is not being nurtured the way it should be with good food and regular exercise,' she said.'The most powerful step you can take towards lifelong health is to try and keep your weight as controlled as possible during these years in your life.'The scary reality is that even without trying, Australian adults are likely to be gaining weight every single year simply due to our relatively inactive lifestyles and the abundance of food we have in our lives.'What does Susie suggest you do to stop this from happening to you?

To achieve this Susie said to eat one carbohydrate item of food with a protein food at each meal.

'For example, eggs on toast for breakfast rather than cereal and fruit or cheese and crackers as a snack rather than just fruit.' She also recommends building up muscle tissue through the correct types of exercise, which helps preserve your metabolic rate.

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'The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn on a daily basis and the stronger your body will be.' Susie said that your 50s is no longer a time when people are considered 'old', with those who are still working enjoying the balance of family, friends, work and their social life.'While the 50s can be the prime of our lives, from a health perspective, it can be a time when both men and women need to take things a little more seriously.'It is about this time that lifestyle diseases truly begin to rear their ugly head,' she said.