But the 2016 statistics tell a similar story to the last two seasons.The lifetime .309 hitter, who won the 2009 league batting championship with a .365 average, is hitting .261 as the Twins approach the end of their schedule next Sunday. Last year he hit .265 with 10 home runs and 66 RBI.

Those are alarming numbers for a guy with Mauer’s past record of success.

They also leave fans frustrated that the Twins are paying Mauer $23 million per season and receiving that kind of return.

In the first interview of this series, Joe Mauer professed his undying love of showering at a Major League level.

The goal of this follow-up was to steer Mauer away from his hygiene habits, and attempt to talk about the actual game of baseball.

The 3-0 Vikings, who gave up just one touchdown in yesterday’s 22-10 win, are allowing an NFL-third best 13.3 points per game.

Opponents have scored only 13 second half points this season.

Heck, when we first started dating, she couldn’t keep her hands off the darn thing. But now that she’s pregnant, she’s never really in the mood to do it anymore, so guess who the responsibility falls on?

With the Twins season ending within days, the 33-year-old Mauer is finishing yet another dismal year at the plate.

Get out of here.” After hearing some of the reactions, Mauer clarified. “When I first got into the league, yes, I would service it personally, because I was too modest and shy to ask anyone else to do it.

And up until recently, my wife, Maddie, would give it a real nice once-over whenever I got home from the ballpark.

The rumors about what ails Mauer have even included speculation he has a crippling disease.