If anything, you want to commit to the one thing that I’m trying to convince you of, which is that I’m honest in my intentions.

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Kathy and Lynn: [are nodding] Tahmoh: It was just a pleasure to play him, because you’ve got to understand that they don’t give us a sense of what we’re doing.

I wasn’t told the story line arc when I came in there, so I ended up making some choices after the fact.

He had serious reservations about what he was doing and with all that happened, that was increasing as time went on.

He was purely driven by redemption in the beginning. Then he quickly came to his senses and he knew that what he was doing was wrong.

We take a quick break so that Tahmoh can order some dinner before he has more con obligations. And I think that’s one of the reasons why people are so drawn to him, because he is torn, he’s not just this evil character. It’s like her inner Supernatural fangirl and her inner English professor geek were both in overdrive.

She also seems to be speaking Tahmoh’s language.] Tahmoh: Exactly. As an actor, you have to color your performances as much as you can, because that’s who we are as humans.

But they must have known that Ezekiel was going to be Gadreel, but they don’t tell you.

Tahmoh: They often don’t give you a real heads up, they just don’t unfortunately. Tahmoh: So they didn’t write that, but I was like, for me I was like, this is just ridiculous. I tried to honor — just for myself — to think about the fact that he’s literally broken when he first comes out.

We’ve been trying to catch up with Supernatural actor (and star of numerous other genre favorites) Tahmoh Penikett for what seems like forever. Luckily, Tahmoh is the sort of guy you can wing it with. Well, I definitely want to talk about Rift World Chronicles, we’ve been retweeting everything we see so people will know about it. Lynn: But first, I’ve got some burning Supernatural questions if that’s okay. Lynn: So what is your take on why the character of Gadreel is so popular, despite the fact that – if you look at the character’s arc, for most of the time Gadreel was kind of the bad guy. And I think some of that is because you’re a popular genre actor, people already knew you, you already had lots of fans.