When a newspaper prints a picture of a survivor holding an old photograph dating from the time of the abuse, the survivor's long journey from victimization to independence is compressed into a single image.The photographs on this page are a small sample of the tens of thousands of such portraits that exist.The accounts in a diocesan file, even a file that has been sanitized, can also reveal what the bishop knew and when he knew it. Michael Pecharich, one of many released in the Orange diocese thanks to the determination of survivor Joelle Casteix. The second date shows when the diocese received the account.

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They have written to bishops and spoken before the bishops' conference.

And they have prepared sworn statements for use in legal proceedings. Their interviews made investigative reporting possible and their speeches caused the crisis to unfold.

Emily Bishop (née Nugent, previously Swain) was a long-standing Coronation Street resident and former owner of No.3, where she lived with Norris Cole.

A kindly, retiring woman, Emily was one of the few religious residents of the Street.

These remarkable affidavits below were included in a memorandum submitted to the court by lawyers for Gregory Ford in Ford et al. They also offer a group portrait of his courageous accusers, and of the evolving methods and arguments that Shanley used to entrap them when they were children. We have redacted names and personal details from court and diocesan documents in order to protect the identity of the survivors.

These affidavits were submitted to the court by Craig Levien, attorney for James Wells and John Doe III in their suits against James Janssen et al. Several organizations and individuals have made important contributions to survivor witness.

In order to write, the victim or family member must overcome the deference and even awe that bishops are accorded.

They must approach a mysterious bureaucracy where the victim's strongest feelings collide—an attachment shaped by upbringing and education, and an aversion to the institution where the violation occurred.

Born in Harrogate, she later moved to Weatherfield having attended Bessie Street School in her youth.

Emily owned a baby linen shop in Rosamund Street, Weatherfield in the early 1960s, which merged with Swindley's Emporium in 1961.

All the information on this site has ultimately become public through the courage and determination shown by the survivors of sexual abuse by priests.