This creates, in many women, a constant anxiety of not wanting to be approached and helplessness.

Just as a man may never want to feel as he did when he was rejected, a woman never wants to feel as she did when she was accosted.

This is why so many women mean mug and have an, energy. Intangible forces that make others feel either safe or scared.

But, as an empowering tool you can begin utilizing today and for the rest of your life – to understand yourself on a deeper level – and to take your confidence to a whole new level!

It’s basically the fear a man feels before hitting on an attractive woman.

biggest hurdle in greatly improving my skills with women. I read everything I could, I talked to everyone I could possibly talk to, and did whatever was necessary to try to address the crippling anxiety I had.

Now, it’s not something I really think about anymore.

The way women feel about being approached the anxiety.

The reason many women don’t flirt or are bad at flirting is because they fear they will send the wrong man, the wrong impression. Women don’t want to be approached by the wrong guy.

Women are not easy to approach because they are prepared for the worst. You want to keep your energy high, your guard low but you definitely don’t want to make it open season for creepers and weirdos. Instead of staying in a state of ‘Don’t F*ck with Me’ women can learn to send a single ‘don’t f*ck with me’ vibe when necessary. When a man wants to approach a woman the best time is within 5 seconds of noticing her, why?

They have guards up to block against the bullshit and rightfully so. It’s not that they are afraid of you, they are afraid of who you will be when they talk to you. If a man takes any longer the woman will notice him staring and essentially send him a ‘don’t you dare approach me’ vibe. She will cross the room or turn her back, somehow indicating that she isn’t interested.

When a man has approach anxiety, it partly comes from a woman’s body language. Women like to believe that the man they want will know the shade they’re throwing isn’t for him but that’s just not true. Sometimes you attract what you don’t want because you’re always thinking about it, so stop.