A Texas woman has been crowned with the title of the world's longest fingernails - and in total they measure more than 18 feet long.

The long nails belong to Ayanna Williams, a nail artist from Houston, Texas.

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Despite this, the 50 record breakers managed to squash themselves into the 168.5in-long van in front of a crowd of admiring – if somewhat baffled – onlookers at Busfest, a specialist VW Van Festival, in 2015.

The effort was organised by Comfort Insurance to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

And it was a team effort for some, like the 50 brave souls who crammed themselves into a 1974 VW camper van in lay claim to a 2018 Guinness World Record.

The van, which is designed to take a maximum of six people, was not altered or modified for the attempt, and none of the seats were removed.

She has also revealed that the most challenging thing about having extremely long fingernails, which can take up to one week to paint, is pulling up her trousers.

While she's constantly getting lots of attention for her nails, and knows she is rather unique, her friends and family think it's quite normal.

But either way, something happens which causes a minor or major conflict in the new relationship.

Sometimes the trigger is living together and having to share household chores and experiencing personal habits up close.

When attempting to create a loving, healthy intimate relationship, it is important to have an accurate roadmap for the journey.

Most of our culture’s roadmaps have emphasized fantasy, illusion and denial, and those who follow those maps will tend to have unhappy, conflict-ridden relationships.

His tremendous dedication to the craft has brought him to compete in 62 competitions, of which he's won 16, with no plans to put the weights down just yet.