the sole remaining daily newspaper in Britain whose content is mostly devoted to serious matters, it is the only one that the unacknowledged legislators of the world, the intelligentsia, take a disaster for the country.Though it occasionally allows a dissenting voice, the Guardian has consistently advocated a demoralisation of the population, followed by increased state intervention and, of course, public spending to alleviate the consequences of that demoralisation.

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Also posted in adolescence, adolescent ideas, adolescent illusions, adolescent rebellion, dangerous notions, hope, hope (irrational), infantilism, political apathy, political mania, preposterous nonsense, preposterous notions, preposterousness, Theodore Dalrymple, Trump, Donald The emotive words ‘mass execution’ conjure up in my mind considerably more than the eight executions the state planned to perform over the course of 11 days, two of which, as far as I am aware, had been carried out at the time the headline appeared.

Che Guevara would have laughed at the idea that a mere eight people put to death, let alone two, constituted a mass execution.

Resources for those escaping it are badly funded and under-imagined.

So there is a temptation to greet any mooted improvement with a better-than-nothing shrug.

A communist, Gott was recruited by the KGB in the late 1970s and writes for the London the economic effects of Castro’s regime.

When Castro seized power, Cuba was at the economic level of Italy, and richer than Spain.

The specifics of the scheme – which home secretary Theresa May has said she’ll consider over the next few weeks – remain fuzzy.

It appears partly pitched at offsetting the “stranger danger” of online dating, as though introductions over the village pump were inevitably more salubrious.

The brute cynicism with which the Mail on Sunday last weekend called for a “Clare’s law“, to warn women about a partner’s violent past, should come as no surprise: any resemblance to campaigning tabloids living or dead was doubtless entirely deliberate.

The proposal – modelled on Sarah’s law – was officially launched this week by Hazel Blears MP and Michael Brown – the father of Clare Wood, who was murdered in 2009 by a man she had met online.

Perhaps he did so because it was his temperament to swim against the tide.