Trisha Riddle wanted a breast lift, but she didn't trust anyone in her town, Council Bluffs, Iowa to do the surgery.

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This is not an uncommon procedure, usually used for women who want only minor changes to their breasts. She says her stomach was flatter before the surgery, and that the breast 'augmentation' only made matters worse.

'It was like he just cut around my nipple and sewed it back together,' she says.

He says that Dr Stanley had 'additional training in cosmetic surgery and is legally allowed to do it,' even though he's only board certified for practicing family medicine.

Doctors don't have to board certified in plastic or cosmetic surgery to perform procedures, but make sure yours is.

The family said her phone was found to have connected to a cellphone tower in the Wilber area - which is about 40 miles southwest of Lincoln - but has since been turned off.

Loofe also has a distinctive yin and yang tattoo on one of her arms and the word 'Believe' with a cross inside her left wrist.

The first woman to come forward claims she was left with a right nipple that was so poorly placed it protrudes out of the top of her bra.

Trisha Riddle and Roberta Brown-Tipler both believed Dr Stanley was a board certified plastic surgeon.

Upset and sure that this couldn't be a normal outcome, she went looking for reviews of Dr Stanley and found a woman with similar complaints to hers.