And from 1898 to 1967, the company continued to diversify into new product lines – among them, electricity generation and cables – before officially becoming a huge industrial conglomerate, Nokia Corp.But even then, it took awhile for Nokia to pivot into mobile phones.

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A marketing deal with Walt Disney in 1959 provided early inspiration that animated characters could become the basis for attracting a large segment of the consumer population.

So, in 1963, when the bottom started to fall out of the playing cards business, the company began to pivot into the toy and gaming market. That old-fashioned company hawking paper products or rubber boots might end up becoming the next great drones or virtual reality company — provided they make the right pivot.

The popularity of that feature convinced Ludicorp to concentrate specifically on online photography.

That Flickr was able to transform a confusing mix of features into a viable product paved the way for its acquisition by Yahoo in 2005. Groupon was an online fundraising site for social good projects The concept of a daily deal that is only activated when enough users sign up for it was actually never intended to be the core offering when Groupon was launched in 2008.

Yet, when Flickr first launched in 2004, it was something very different – Game Neverending, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game from Ludicorp that enabled users to buy, sell and make items, plus navigate a map and interact in real-time with other users.

And of course, the role-playing game included a popular photo-sharing tool that eventually became the basis for Flickr.

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This “tipping point” concept was then applied to discounts on local activities and services, all of which would only be unlocked if enough users signed up.

Groupon eventually became the main business when The Point realized that there was a bigger market for daily deals than for neighborhood social good projects. Nokia was once a paper mill company that sold rubber galoshes The classic example of the technology pivot, of course, is Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia, which has repeatedly reinvented itself throughout its long history from a non-tech company to a high-tech company.

Starting in 1962, the company continued to innovate in electronic devices and telecom equipment before launching its first mobile phone in 1987 (the Mobira Cityman), nicknamed “the Gorba” for former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, who was photographed using the phone when visiting Helsinki. Nintendo was a manufacturer of playing cards Today, Nintendo is one of the most famous video game companies on the planet.