My husband had told me one time that “Some men are pig” which is true based on what I’ve seen.

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Whats to stop some creep from heading over to Moldova or wherever to try his luck, but you are right.

I had this same argument when I was taken to Orchard Towers in Singapore by some business associates, apparently that place is called the "four floors of whores" and well, I never made it past the floor where the live band was..for all I could tell it looked no different from one of the noisy live band touting bars in Wan Chai, but when the topic of conversation came to prostitution in that venue, I had a hard time of it trying to explain to these associates that there was nothing good or clean fun about prostitution and that the working girls were not in it for lifechanging happiness.

you are not particularly attractive or interesting...) Also by exposing the sad reality of most women in this trade (i.e.

that every single one of them given the choose would prefer NOT to earn money in this manner) it might make some who engage in this exploitation to perhaps treat these women better... Coz I have to admit, like rob, I too was thinking the same thing at times when reading the 3 successive articles.

Some of the perverts may even feel that since this artcile discloses that people flock there by the hundreds of thousands, that this kind of activity is quite acceptable in these countries, and thye wont even need to feel like perverts once there!

And for those of us who would like to travel to these countries for genuine reasons, in the back of our minds we will always be thinking if we are also thought of as perverts and sexual predators for visiting these countries.

After reading them, has anyone on this forum done anything actively to put an end to it?

Contrary to that, it just provides all the perverts the exact details they need to know about how to go about it, including location, how to make the transactions, what to expect to pay and where to find it.

*SMH* Again, the foolishness of the John for thinking that his combover and middleage spread has some supernatural ability to make attractive young women moist! They only have 14 days to stay in Hong Kong if they get lucky to go in.