I made reservations at a fancy restaurant and I want you to look your best.”“Ok daddy.”After about half an hour she was ready. She looked stunning, she was wearing and elegant black dress, high heels, her hair looked amazing and her makeup was done perfectly. “Breanne I want you to look at something.”She came to the computer and I showed her the pictures I took of her the previous night.Her eyes dropped and tears instantly started falling from her face.And you never know what some boys could do to a girl who is drunk, especially one as beautiful as you sweetie.”“Yeah that is a good point daddy, so how do I find out my limits?

But I thought better of it, I wanted to fuck her when she was sober.

I took her hand and stuck her finger in her pussy and took a picture of it.

I took some pictures and then I slipped her thong off.

Her ass was even more jaw dropping then her breasts! I started groping it and then decided to take some pictures.

I moved her around in numerous positions and took hundreds of pictures before I decided it was enough.

Then I dressed her again and carried her to her bed and went to sleep.

She was a very good daughter and loved both me and her mom very much.

She was pretty good at school and was an extremely gifted athlete.

But over the next few days I couldn’t get the thought of my daughter’s big golden tan breasts out of my mind. The next night I decided to have a talk with my daughter about drugs and alcohol.

“Breanne I know you are a great girl but it is time I talk to you about alcohol.”“Daddy, you know I don’t drink.” She replied“I know sweetheart but the thing is that you might be at a party and get pressured to drink and you might go way over your limits.

I grabbed her and sat her down on my lap.“These are very naughty pictures Breanne; I think you need a spanking.”“Daddy I don’t know how these got there I promise.” She begged “please don’t spank me.”“Obviously you went to some boy’s house like a whore and had him take them. ”I bent her body over my lap and raised her dress over her waist exposing her beautiful ass cheeks. I squeezed her ass cheeks before I started spanking her.