If you were looking to make tomatoes last longer in your kitchen, then researchers in India might have the answer.

Scientists at the National Institute of Plant Genome Research (NIPGR) in New Delhi have found that by suppressing two enzymes (alpha-Man and beta-Hex) associated with ripening, they could push tomatoes to last close to 45 days before they turned mushy.

First Australia, then North and South America, and lastly Madagascar (the Island Continent) rapidly lost two-thirds or more of their large mammals.

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What’s the News: Please back away from the armadillo, ma’am.

You can watch them from a distance, even take pictures, but don’t play with or eat Texas’s state mammal: scientists have just confirmed that it is a source of leprosy infections in humans.

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The Americans brought it over as a mascot in WW2 another authority states.

But it was here in Coolatai in 1958 that the biggest “panther outbreak” occurred when 13 year-old David Wheatley was thrown from his horse when it spooked at a “large, black-furred, panther-like beast.”The story made headlines in the national press.

The late Quaternary extinction event (LQEE) is best known by the loss of large mammals (megafauna) from certain continents.

Familiar faunal examples of the LQEE include woolly mammoths of the Northern Hemisphere, woolly rhinos in northern Eurasia, ground sloths and glyptodonts in the Americas, and diprotodonts and giant kangaroos in Australia. The continents differ significantly in both the magnitude and in the timing of their extinctions.

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Canberra woman Lisa Martin admitted she was excited by the prospect after her anger over the crime had faded.

The researchers hope, though, that this confirmation will help doctors diagnose US leprosy cases faster—if it’s caught early, several years of antibiotics can purge the bacterium from your system before nerve damage occurs.