But sometimes you really have to face some unexpected errors with windows. System service exception is one of blue screen errors.

We are just collecting some error info, and then you can restart’.

There are numerous folks in the Macrumors forum who have updated or installed Windows 10 on an i Mac same as yours and have had no difficulty.

while updating ipod system service exception-72

i Mac (21.5-inch, Late 2013), OS X El Capitan (10.11.4) You might try running Windows 10 in safe mode and installing the drivers that way.

Check out this article that talks about how to get into safe mode in Windows 10.

So I take it that Windows 7 was running OK on your i Mac without any problems?

If that's correct, then there is something that you're downloading that is not compatible.

I wanted to wait until they got the bugs ironed out - that seems to not be all completed yet. I take back all my former complaints that I may have uttered about any Apple update.

Like other blue screen errors, it may appear repeatedly with an error message ‘Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart.I recently updated to Windows 10 on my i Mac (late 2013) and every time I attemp to install the bootcamp drivers, my Mac crashes and restarts with a message stating "SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION".I don't know if this is specific to my model but I cannot find anyone to help me since apple regard it as a problem for microsoft and Microsoft don't know anything about problems with Macs running bootcamp.Followed by the discovery that my CD/DVD burner was missing in action - as in not listed even in Device Manager.Loading Windows 10 went fast but loading my Desktop shortcut icons did NOT and they would disappear at random - never to return until reboot!It seems in Microsoft's infinite wisdom they have disabled safe mode. The first article deals with how to get safe mode enabled and the second deals with the error message you are getting.